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Jonn G. Christian, LV


Irony: Actor Martin Sheen is one of my HUGE "fans,"
based on my authorship of
The Assassination of Rob-
ert F. Kennedy The Consp-
iracy, The Cover-Up, w/a
Foreword by Oliver Stone. Carroll & Graf 11-22-2006

I begged Estevez to read
it for a solid year, then
gave up, suspecting that
he was into exploitation
- to Hell with historical
integrity! Shame on YOU - for endorsing EE's CRAP!

Jonn G. Christian, LV

The Management

Hi, John. Sorry to hear about your experience with Emilio Estevez and your disappointment in my review. I'd probably be frustrated too, if I were you. Still, I never said the film was a good way to learn about the facts surrounding RFK. Rather, it was a movie made to evoke a certain kind of emotion - and I thought it did that rather well. I've been curious as to how people who lived through the assassination would react to the film, though, and you've given me one of the answers. So thanks for your feedback, and I hope someone makes the movie you'd like to see.

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