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Joanna Poppink

Dear Molly,

Thank you and congratulations for writing the best, most accurate, honest and clear description of being in an eating disorder in-patient program.

So many people have misinformation and fantasies that have little to do with the genuine experience of first stage recovery in a residential eating disorder recovery situation.

Your descriptions may help to "dash" other people's fantasies and help them make a realistic decision to go into recovery.

You also clarify a point many people with or without eating disorders do not understand. With vivid examples and heartfelt emotion you show readers that in-patient treatment in the beginning of recovery.

Yes, realistic and solid recovery requires dedication, committment, time and arduous effort. Despite all that, the actual experience of knowing you are getting better is wonderful and sometimes even joyous.

Thank you for this post. I am putting this url on my blog and hope readers will find you.

I hope you are still in recovery and doing well.

warm regards,

Joanna Poppink, MFT, psychotherapist, eating
disorder recovery specialist, Los Angeles, CA

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This seems like a pretty open article, thank you. I don't have any experience really with these kind of situations but this article gave me some good ideas on how to deal with one of my suspicions. Thanks again.


Thank you

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